New Album " TOGETHER " Out Now !!!

The Story of  "TOGETHER "

It all started as a study project at The Royal Danish Academy of Music, where Siquir got to be invited to be GENEPI to a course for sound engineers (Tonmeister), leaded by Nils Ekner, a process that took in all four years, 2017 – 2021.

The Musicians

Deodato Siquir - Composer, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Bass, Percussion ( Timbales, Hand Drums & Shakers )

Benjamin Sommer - Percussion ( Cajon & Oud Drum ).

Jacob Andersen - Percussion ( Cajon, Congas & Shakers )

Helder Gonzaga - Electric Bass.

Jimmi Roger Pedersen - Upright Bass.

Joel Illerhag – Upright Bass.

Romain Gabourg - Electric Bass.

Steinar Aadnekvam - Acoustic Guitar.

Troels Kjær - Keyboards.

Jacob Broholm - Piano..

Pappy Miranda - Keyboards.

Nelton Miranda - Keyboards & Synth Bass.

Alexander Kraglund - Violin & Harmonica.

Fredrik Moth - Tenor &  Soprano Saxophones

Ivan Mazuze - Soprano Saxophone,

Anders Bast - Alto Saxophone.

Jonas Due - Trumpet.

Jakob Johansen - Trombone



// It was a pleasure to listen to the songs on this release. 

It seemed I was taken on a world trip through your music. From the streets of Maputo to the jazz clubs of Paris, NewYork and London, touching base in Copenhagen along the way. The music is so varied and spiritual. And all along the journey the swing is at the center. It will be a great pleasure to hold the record in my hands, listen to it at home or as a travel companion in the car. Keep the music flowing! // Ken Day – D Tours.


// I had the privilege of co-producing five of the full band tracks and I am amazed by Deodato Siquir´s  talent, making a tour de world - and his life - into music.
To witness Siquir´s creative process of getting it all together in this beautiful album, full of pulse and poetry, has been a rare inspiration.
The delicate management of his own special talent - and of getting all musicians to flow and glow - makes the album a must on your playlist. // Nils Ekner


// The word “together” carried more weight a generation ago-either you had your shit together, or you didn’t. And you hadbetter have it together.

Deodato has his shit together here,with all the iconic force that the word carried in those days. Beauty, compassion, warmth, love, groove, fire, and morebeauty. Spirit. It’s all together here, and we are all togetherhere, the sources, the wells of love and inspiration whose waters flow together on this album. To me, it’s embodied inthe cover art: Deodato Siquir...TOGETHER // Ed Epstein

Produced by Deodato siquir

Executive Producer - Nils Ekner

Mixed by Georgia Alexoupolou ( Gogo )

Mastered by Micahel Torp at Torp Studios

Artwork -Maria Nyambura

Graphics - Abel Alazo


Released 2007

Produced by Deodato Siquir @ Siquir Music.


Ayi Solomon, Carlos Perez, Deborah Herbert, Dua Maciel, Ed Epstein, Eliel Lazo, Jakob Dinesen, Luis Varona, Linley Marthe, Nacimi Brahimi, Phong Le, Preben Carlsen, Romain Coutama, and

Sal Dibba, 

Photos : Jacob Crawfurd.


" intense musical conversation between group members

(check out Linley Marthe on Harmony around the 3 minute mark) all interlaced with the tasty grooves of Deodato’s rhythm section."

Behid the Notes

"Siquir’s soft and warm vocals dominate the exchanges, but there are welcome jazz breaks in

such tracks as “Balanço”, “Grito” and “Xiluva”. Siquir is at his best when he introduces a sense

of urgency to his compositions, with “Harmony” being a particularly fine example of this."

Daniel Brown - Mondomix


Released 2011

Produced by

Deodato Siquir @ Siquir Music.


Celso Paco, Chico Matada, Felipe Robles, Isildo Novela, Jorge Bezerra, Matchote, Nelton Miranda, Phong Le, Signe Dahlgreen and Søren Heller.

Photos : Eva Elings


" In Ngoma ya tin tsumi / Angels song Deodato Siquir is something all its own on the track.

More stuff like this, thanks."