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Mozambican Deodato Siquir delivers sophisticated music that allies traditional African rhythms mixed with cool Scandinavian Jazz , played expertly resulting in a unique and vibrant sound topped up by Siquir ‘s soft poetic singing in his mother tongue Shaangan -Tsonga, Portuguese and English lyrics focusing universal themes., Peace, Love & Prosperity.

Deodato was born in a musical family in 1975. Growing up in Maputo, he taught himself to play on a homemade drum set comprised of garbage bins and other improvised components,, joining the first band Escolinha Vamos Brincar in 1988 .

By the age of 15 he was performing with professional orchestras .

From 1990 to 2000 in Mozambique Siquir worked as a sideman for Jasde, Eloy Vasco, Mateus Vilanculos, Hot Lads, Jaguar Mondlane, Zamoc Stars, Baba Harris, Tchika Fernando, Paulo Wilson, Stewart Sukuma, Leman Pinto and Dua Maciel .

Deodato assembled groups like Mozafro that performed original material which in 1999 contributed to the project Music from Mozambique, released by the Swedish label Caprice Records.

Year 2000 Deodato contributed to the organization and recording of the compilation album Mozambique Relief , featuring Finnish and Mozambican musicians, the disc raised funds and awareness for the victims of that year’s devastating flood.

Deodato Siquir relocated to Scandinavia ( Sweden & Denmark ) in 2001 , taking advantage of the large network of collaborators he’d established over the years .

He quickly became one of the jazz and world music scene’s most in-demand sidemen. As a bandleader he released in 2007 Balanço and in 2011 Mutema Featuring Siquir’s percussive, vocal and compositional talents, made a splash in the international world music/jazz arena The records climbed charts to take a place in World Music Europe’s Top Ten.

" Deodato Siquir’s infectious smile and livewire live performances are likely to spread beyond the circle of admirers he has established in Scandinavia since 2001.” Daniel Brown - Mondomix

*****Awarded Ngoma Moçambique 2008 Discovery Prize.

Over the years in Scandinavia Deodato Siquir has been on the road with: Al Campos, Ayi solomon, Anders Bast, Andrzej Krejniuk, Beat Funktion, Bobby Rickets, Carlos Perez, Casper Mikkelsen, Catrine Frølund, Celso Paco, Chico Matada, Dawda Jobarteh, David Bäck, Deborah Herbert, Denise Fontoura, Derupeto Quartet, Ed Epstein, Eliel Lazo, Ettiene Mbappe, Freedoms Trio, Ivan Mazuze, Isildo Novela, Jacob Dinesen, Janne Persson, Jean Paul Espinosa, Jorge Bezerra Jr, Jan- Åke Jonhsson, Karen Mukupa, Kodjo Antwi, Lester Jackman, Linley Marthe, Luis Varona, Maria Thandie, Maureen Lilanda, Mads Jørgensen, Mohamed Jabry, Malmö Simphony Orchestra, Metta Carter, Mikael Svirre Svensson, Monika Njava & Island Jazz, Moussa Diallo, Nana Osibio, Natasja Ndioba Gueye, Niels Kvist, Pedro Ben, Peter Knudsen, Pier Simone Crinelli, Phong Le, Romain Coutama, Rubem Farias, Sal Dibba, Sami Bes, Sofi Hellborg, Stefan Bergman, Soweto Kinch, Søren Heller, Tobias Grim, Vilnius Jazz Orquestra, Yasser Morejon Pinto, Yuki, Wazimbo, World Mix Orquestra and Olli Rantala.



Released 2007

Produced by Deodato Siquir @ Siquir Music.


Ayi Solomon, Linley Marthe, Jakob Dinesen, Carlos Perez,

Deborah Herbert, Luis Varona, Eliel Lazo, Ed Epstein, Sal Dibba, Romain Coutama, Phong Le, Preben Carlsen, Nacimi Brahimi and Dua Maciel and

Photos : Jacob Crawfurd.


" intense musical conversation between group members

(check out Linley Marthe on Harmony around the 3 minute mark) all interlaced with the tasty grooves of

Deodato’s rhythm section."

Behid the Notes

"Siquir’s soft and warm vocals dominate the exchanges, but there are welcome jazz breaks in

such tracks as “Balanço”, “Grito” and “Xiluva”. Siquir is at his best when he introduces a sense

of urgency to his compositions, with “Harmony” being a particularly fine example of this."

Daniel Brown - Mondomix


Released 2011

Produced by

Deodato Siquir @ Siquir Music.


Søren Heller, Isildo Novela, Celso Paco,

Jorge Bezerra, Phong Le, Nelton Miranda,

Chico Matada, Matchote, Felipe Robles and

Signe Dahlgreen.

Photos : Eva Elings


" In Ngoma ya tin tsumi / Angels song Deodato Siquir is

something all its own on the track. More stuff, thanks."


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