Deodato Siquir

Deodato Siquir

Born into a music blood stream, third generation under the African sky, Maputo — Mozambique.

Presenting a world-class music, words in Tonga, his mother tongue mixed with Portuguese and occasional English words. Lyrics focusing on universal themes: Peace, Health and Prosperity.

By the age of 15 he was performing with professional orchestras in Mozambique.

Siquir relocated to Scandinavia ( Sweden & Denmark ) in 2001 and established a large network of collaborators over the years .

He quickly became one of the afro jazz and world music scene’s most in-demand sidemen in Scandinavia.

As a bandleader he released:

Balanço - 2007

Mutema – 2011

The records made a splash in the international world music/jazz arena, climbed charts to take a place in World Music Europe’s Top Ten.

***** Actual : New Album TOGETHER 2023

"Deodato Siquir’s infectious smile and livewire live performances are likely to spread beyond the circle of admirers he has established in Scandinavia since 2001.” Daniel Brown – Mondomix