Released 2011

Produced by

Deodato Siquir @ Siquir Music.


Søren Heller, Isildo Novela, Celso Paco,

Jorge Bezerra, Phong Le, Nelton Miranda,

Chico Matada, Matchote, Felipe Robles and

Signe Dahlgreen.

Photos : Eva Elings



" In Ngoma ya tin tsumi / Angels song Deodato Siquir is

something all its own on the track. More stuff, thanks."



Released 2007

Produced by Deodato Siquir @ Siquir Music.


Ayi Solomon, Linley Marthe, Jakob Dinesen, Carlos Perez,

Deborah Herbert, Luis Varona, Eliel Lazo, Ed Epstein, Sal Dibba, Romain Coutama, Phong Le, Preben Carlsen, Nacimi Brahimi and Dua Maciel and

Photos : Jacob Crawfurd.



" intense musical conversation between group members

(check out Linley Marthe on Harmony around the 3 minute mark) all interlaced with the tasty grooves of

Deodato’s rhythm section."

Behid the Notes


"Siquir’s soft and warm vocals dominate the exchanges, but there are welcome jazz breaks in

such tracks as “Balanço”, “Grito” and “Xiluva”. Siquir is at his best when he introduces a sense

of urgency to his compositions, with “Harmony” being a particularly fine example of this."

Daniel Brown - Mondomix


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